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AminoSkin - Rolf-Achim Reichart.

"As a scientist, of course, I could not resist ordering the test package from AminoSkin. Experiencing new things for me is just in my blood. My exercise consists of very long runs in excess of 100 km and also includes Marathon and 50 miles of tracks. I used AminoSkin Endurance for the first time and was thrilled not to feel the usual pain in the legs, especially the thighs. AminoSkin Endurance is great for training and races lasting more than 2 hours .. And I am totally satisfied. After hard training sessions and competitions I use AminoSkin recovery. Usually have the day after I would feel pain, but after application of the AminoSkin recovery there was virtually no fatigue. Even on the second day." (12.04.13)

Rolf-Achim Reichart - Ultrarunner