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AminoSkin - Radon Bike Team.

"In early March I was for part of team Radon which is a training camp in Mallorca. Included in the training plan, AminoSkin endurance and recovery. 30 hours of training in 10 days, with 2 days of rest.
Especially at high loads, it is important for the body and mind to be as comfortable as possible. Here comes the clincher for us at work: Sports AminoSkin lotions are a reliable partner for our training team riders.
Using AminoSkin before training helps with the physical demands on the body. This ensures that the fun was in the foreground and we could fully concentrate on cycling.
The following work outs are easily completed without any weakness or tired legs. Due to the use of AminoSkin the team was able to achieve the training set and thus achieve good training for the 2013 season. “AminoSkin keeps the team in 2013 with even more radon." (06.05.13)

Radon Bike Team