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AminoSkin - Exactly right for your sports.

Amino acids in sports.
Pressure in sports causes a constant transformation of body substances. To enable these processes the body requires amino acids as essential parts. Especially athletes require a higher amount of amino acids that makes it important to take supplementary amounts of amino acids. Not only will it contribute to a higher performance but will also help to regenerate faster.

Natural power increase due to amino acids in sports.
Aim of natural power increase is to promote athletes before and during trainings or competitions to improve strength and regeneration. Amino acids are proven to help. Physical processes are being supported, the energy levels are increased during trainings and competitions, the tiredness of muscles are prolonged and the regeneration process is being supported.

At exatcly this moment we apply AminoSkin. The AminoSkin sport lotions are based on the innovative idea to supply amino acids directly to the tired muscles through skin contact. The effectiveness is being improved and scattered losses through the gastrointestinal tract are being avoided.

AminoSkin Power - Supports your strength and interval training with arginine, a nitrogen precursor.
AminoSkin Power contains NO-booster arginine and helps your performance efficiency in stressful interval and with sub maximal force.

Arginine helps the production of nitrogen monoxide (NO) in your body. The NO expands the blood vessels, supports the blood flow in the muscle tissue and enables the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the musculature.

AminoSkin Power ist specifically useful for sport interval and strength trainings which in most of the sport categories are an essential unit in their trainings. Alternating pressure and recovery phases (so called intervals) are characteristic for the types of trainings.

AminoSkin Endurance - For your endurance training. Enriched with high quality taurine.
AminoSkin Endurance contains amino sulfonic acid taurine and supports your endurance of longer persistence units.

Taurine is very efficient with lactate which can accumulate in very intensive power laps and can cause a negative effect on your productivity. This is how the muscular tiredness can be reduced.

AminoSkin Endurance is specifically effective in endurance stress that can be seen over a longer amount of time in a continuous and steady burden. It could be dynamic motion sequences (cycling, running, swimming or racket sports) or nearly static workouts (climbing, gymnastics, kite surfing).

AminoSkin Recovery - Your perfomance can only improve with optimum recuperation.
AminoSkin Recovery contains glutamine, one of the most important amino acids in sports and it supports your ability to recover after each training and competition.

Physical stress reduces the intramuscular concentration of glutamine and as such decreases the cell volume that creates the catabolic effect (body substance is being reduced). The supply of glutamine will counteract, it will maintain the cell volume and strengthen the anabolic phase (body substance will increase). The enlargement of cell volume and the anabolic as well as the anti-catabolic effect produce a positive influence in an athlete´s recovery, and reinforced that glutamine is an essential amino acid.

AminoSkin Recovery is specifically useful to be applied after workout to stimulate the recovery process.