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Q. Why amino acids are so important in sports?

A. Amino acids are the smallest parts in the human body and their main characteristic is their very light molecular weight. Linked amino acids form proteins, biological macromolecules that are responsible for building and also for the reduction of body substances such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair, etc. They are essential in all body cells. Proteins, or amino acids also regulate very important metabolic processes and they strengthen the immune system. The body is constantly processing these types.

As the bodies are not able to store amino acids, the constant abailability of amino acids is necessary for the body. Amino acids that the bodies need but are not able to produce are called essential amino acids. Those have to supplied through food. The other amino acids that are not essential, can be synthesized by the body.

Under certain circumstances like stress, sickness, pressure in sports or after surgeries it could be necessary and useful to supplement amino acids.

Pressure in sports causes a constant transformation of body substances. To enable these processes the body requires amino acids as essential parts. Especially athletes require a higher amount of amino acids that makes it important to take supplementary amounts of amino acids. Not only will it contribute to a higher performance but will also help to regenerate faster.

Q. How does arginine work?

A. Arginine helps the production of nitrogen monoxide (NO) in your body. The NO expands the blood vessels, supports the blodd flow in the muscle tissue and enables the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the musculature.

Q. How does taurine work?

A. Taurine is very efficient with lactate which can accumulate in very intensive power laps and can cause a negative effect on your productivity. This is how the muscular tiredness can be reduced.

Q. How does glutamine work?

A. Physical stress reduces the intramuscular concentration of glutamine and as such decreases the cell volume that creates a catabolic effect (body substance is being reduced).The supply of glutamine will counteract, it will maintain the cell volume and strengthen the anabolic phase (body substance will increase). The enlargement of cell volume and the anabolic as well as the anti-catabolic effect produce a positive influence in an athletes´s recovery, and reinforces that glutamine is an essential amino acid.

Q. Which idea is behind AminoSkin?

A. The product idea of AminoSkin is the absorption of amino acids through the skin. This enables a completely new application of amino acids in sports and distinguishes from the amino acid absorption though food.

So the AminoSkin sport lotions are based on the innovative idea to supply amino acids directly to the tired muscles through skin contact. The effectiveness is being improved and scattered losses through the gastrointestinal tract are being avoided.

The so called "skin barrier" was known for a long time to be the hindering factor to introduce crèmes, lotions or geld to be considered to be able to supply nutrients directly to the body. In principle this assumption is still valid. But nowadays science has advanced and there is a better understandig on mechanisms of skin barriers as years ago. As a result the so known 500 Dalton Rule has been set as upper limit for the molecular weight of molecules that can without any further help bypass the skin barrier.

Dalton means the atomic mass unit "u" (for unified atomic mass unit). The value for 1u corresponds to exactly 1/12 of one atomic mass of carbon isotope 12C.

The 500 Dalton Rule says, that in principle all substances with a molecular weight of less than 500 Dalton can pass the skin barrier. The 500 Dalton rule is valid in general, as disease causing germs, pharmaceutical substances and topical medication with less than 500 Dalton, can be absorbed by the skin. In comparison: A hydrogen atom of the most common isotope 1H has a molecular mass of more than a million Dalton. Therefore the molecules have to be very tiny to be able to surpass the skin barrier.

All amino acids in AminoSkin have a molecular weight of less than 500 Dalton and according to the 500 Dalton Rule can be applied through the skin:

- Arginin 174,20 g/mol (Dalton)

- Taurin 125,14 g/mol (Dalton)

- Glutamin 146,15 g/mol (Dalton)

To continue a scientific view of the 500 Dalton Rule:

„Human skin has unique properties of which functioning as a physicochemical barrier is one of the most apparent. The human integument is able to resist the penetration of many molecules. However, especially smaller molecules can surpass transcutaneously. They are able to go by the corneal layer, which is thought to form the main deterrent. We argue that the molecular weight (MW) of a compound must be under 500 Dalton to allow skin absorption. Larger molecules cannot pass the corneal layer. Arguments for this "500 Dalton rule" are; 1) virtually all common contact allergens are under 500 Dalton, larger molecules are not known as contact sensitizers. They cannot penetrate and thus cannot act as allergens in man; 2) the most commonly used pharmacological agents applied in topical dermatotherapy are all under 500 Dalton; 3) all known topical drugs used in transdermal drug-delivery systems are under 500 Dalton. In addition, clinical experience with topical agents such as cyclosporine, tacrolimus and ascomycins gives further arguments for the reality of the 500 Dalton rule. For pharmaceutical development purposes, it seems logical to restrict the development of new innovative compounds to a MW of under 500 Dalton, when topical dermatological therapy or percutaneous systemic therapy or vaccination is the objective.“

Bos, JD / Meinardi, MM (2000). The 500 Dalton rule for the skin penetration of chemical compounds and drugs. 11.03.2013

Q. Which AminoSkin sport lotions are available?

A. There are three different AminoSkin sport lotions, which support your performance in a variety of ways: 

AminoSkin Power contains arginine and is specifically useful for sport interval and strength trainings which in most of the sport categories are an essential unit in their trainings. Alternativ pressure and recovery phases (so called intervals) are characteristic for the types of trainings.

AminoSkin Endurance contains taurine and is specifically effective in endurance stress that can be seen over a longer amount of time in a continuous and steady burden. It could be dynamic motion sequences (cycling, runnind swimming or racket sports) or nearly static workouts (climbing, gymnastics, kite surfing).

AminoSkin Recovery contains glutamine and is specifically useful to be applied after workout to stimulate the recovery process.